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The Total Radiation Burden on the Human Race is now Reaching a Point of Mass Infertility

May 3, 2011

The numbers don’t lie. It’s time to for us to grow up and face this issue as well as to get educated. Fertility rates and sperm counts are plummiting to the point of concern for the human race. Is this being done on purpose or by basic disregard for our human life? This should not be the issue. The issue is that it’s happening and how do we take action and stop it. Do we protest, get the word out and educate people, protect yourself? Yes to all.  For those who don’t understand, refuse to accept, or laugh at this issue I suggest you look at the following information to get a better view of this topic:


 Rockefeller Foundation Depopulation Plans

Latest GMO Research: Decreased Fertility

Chemical Cocktail in Consumer Products Destroys Male Fertility


Alan Watt: Neo-Eugenics

Dr. Doug Rokke Depleted Uranium

In addition to all this information, one will need to add the Fukushima disaster to the overall global radiation intake of human beings. This will no doubt have an immesurable negative impact to further the decline of fertility and sperm counts.  Here is a short list of sites to take action on some of these topics.


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