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WARNING: US Collapse Engaged

June 16, 2011

“Presently it is inflation that probably would lead to hyperinflation and then collapse into deflationary depression. At first buyers will perceive less purchasing power, then they will be frightened as the dollars buys less and less, then like a thunderbolt hyperinflation strikes. The public will be ill prepared not having listened to those few who predicted such an event. They will generally speaking not be prepared. Once hyperinflation hits there will be chaos just as there was between 1921 and 1923 in Weimar Germany and most recently in Zimbabwe. Markets will be empty of food, clothing and everything else. It all will have been sold or perhaps even looted. This will happen overnight as the dollar becomes worthless and the country’s social fabric disintegrates. At this stage no one will want to accept dollars in exchange for anything. Barter will begin and gold and silver coins and bullion will become the medium of exchange.”

“…..The road ahead will be strewn with financial victims and those who do not have their assets in gold and silver related assets will pay a heavy price.”

-Bob Chapman


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