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Two North American Nuclear Disasters Ignored by Media (One Currently at a Level 4 Emergency)

June 16, 2011

In addition to the under reported nuclear disaster in Fukushima (which is now the worst nuclear disaster the world has ever seen), we are potentially monitoring another disaster at the Fort Calhoon Nuclear power plant in Nebraska. On June 6 the Fort Calhoon pressurized water nuclear reactor entered emergency status due to imminent flooding. A day later there was an electrical fire resulting in a plant evacuation. On June 8th the NRC event reports confirmed the fire resulted in a loss of  cooling for the plants spent fuel rod pool.  According to Arnie Gunderson (a former nuclear power plant operator and chief advisor for Fair Winds Associates) said in an interview regarding the floods and water levels “My concern is what if a dam breaks? That would be the equivalent of the Fukushima tsunami.” Currently the plant is at a level 4 emergency.

The other meltdown went completely unreported. That’s right, completely unreported. In 1959, the nuclear power at Boeing-Rocketdyne nuclear testing facility suffered a massive partial nuclear meltdown. It remains the worst in U.S. history for the radiation that was released.  Hopefully it will stay that way. Located Northwest of downtown Los Angeles, the incident released massive amounts of radioactive iodine-131. The reason this incident came to light was due to Boeing recently settling  a class-action suit filed by local residents in proximity of the nuclear power plant suffering radiation exposure related cancers and thyroid abnormalities.

There currently is a bias in media reporting towards the nuclear power industry and their accidents. The mainstream media refuses to show them in a bad light or report anything negative that would give the public the notion that nuclear energy is bad for humanity. The reasons for this are many and not in the scope of this article. Know that history has shown with certainty that what is being told to the public is always understated to avoid panic, backlash against the nuclear industry, and legal action. Profits will always be more important than your health.


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