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Reality vs Corporate Media Reality: Which one are you in? Fukushima Edition

June 25, 2011

After watching a CNN interview directly after the Fukushima disaster, I decided to write this piece to illustrate the vast difference between reality and the corperate media’s attempt at steering reality to best fit its agenda. In this interview the World Nuclear Association Director General John Ritch speaks on the nuclear incident:

CNN interview 1:08- “To take a look at whether those post shutdown cooling systems are able to survive even the worst case geological tsunami and weather events we can imagine. In Japan they asked that question and got the answer wrong and that is the reason we are having this crisis.”

  •  In the case of a nuclear reactor and potential crisis, shouldn’t the reactor not be built if there is even a small chance of cooling failure resulting in crisis? For rationale see article titled: ” corporations are psychopaths-with zero degrees of empathy”.
  • In a country where the word “tsunami” was coined and of frequent occurrence, does it make sense to build a cluster of reactors along the ocean on an earthquake fault line?
  • Along with the reactors do it seem logical to also make this site a storage area for over 40 years (or 600,000+) spent fuel rods?

CNN interview: 1:45- We are five, six days in, some say it could be weeks”
Reply: Article title: Government Official suggests Japan could become “Uninhabitable” or here’s another “A 100-year Battle Awaits Fukushima While suicide Workers are Needed to Keep up the Rescue Effort”

CNN interview 2:15- “No member of the Japanese Public will incur radiation exposure that is harmful”
Reply: “Corporate Media Ignores astronomical Radiation Levels” or “Fukushima Radiation Double Chernobyl Outside evacuation Zones”

CNN interview 3:45-  It’s (Japan) nuclear fleet has repeatedly survived every earthquake in Japanese history (every one in Japanese history?) including the worst earthquake in Japanese history that occurred last week. It was the very narrow problem of the post tsunami cooling system”
Reply: I think we need to first get the definition correct of what it means for a nuclear reactor to survive an earthquake
When a cooling system fails there is meltdown. How is this a narrow problem?

CNN interview 5:09 “The environmental responsibility nuclear power confers on a country because of its zero emissions characteristic”
Reply: I had to pause here until I stopped laughing. Zero emissions unless you could the radiation being emitted in its countless forms into the air, sea, and ground. But he’s right, if we don’t count the deadly radioactive emissions it’s probably environmentally friendly.

CNN interview 5:31 “I’m sure that nuclear regulatory authorities around the world will decide that in some cases in order to give an extra level of defense and insurance to publics (publics?) that more will have to be done on those cooling systems”
Reply: See article from this month titled: Fire Disrupts Cooling System at Nebraska Nuclear Plant

CNN interview 6:09 The plant will cool itself using natural physical principles. That’s the future of nuclear power”
Reply: Will we even make it into the future if anymore of these things meltdown?

CNN Interview: I still think there’s reason to hope that there will not be a catastrophe that in any way affects the public of Japan.
Reply: I offer this video as a final reply


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