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Irish Social Minister: Take Your Vaccines or Have Your Benefits Cut!

August 9, 2011

Joan Burton: ‘Adminis(traitor) and Facili(traitor) of Irish Depopulation’: Take Your Vaccines or Have Your Benefits Cut!

Neil Foster
The Sovereign Independent
August 8, 2011

In an article in Friday’s Irish Independent, current Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton, outlined plans to link child benefit payments to school attendance and, wait for it, vaccinations!

This is nothing less than the role out of a program of FORCED vaccination of the nation’s children, particularly from poor families, who rely heavily on such benefits

The theory is that parents should be ‘incentivised’ to vaccinate their children through the threat that their child benefit will be stopped should they fail to do so.

It would now appear that parents are to be given one of options, namely, to either deny the government the right to have your child injected with toxic chemicals widely proven to be detrimental to their health and face the consequences of starving your children due to dire poverty or imply going along with these psychopathic control freaks and killing your own children by allowing the government, as a proxy of big pharma to carry out their population control program on your family.

That to me sounds like despotism which I’m sure many of the readers of this would agree with.

Isn’t it amazing at a time of forced ‘austerity’ the government just happen to come up with this idea all on their own with they’ll say, no outside influence? Yet we know that vaccinations have been used to not only create pandemics but also in widespread sterilisation programs in such countries as Brazil which is quoted in the article as one of the models for this program.

The headline below from August 2008 should certainly raise a few eyebrows amongst the pro-life lobby in Ireland.



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